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VOLUTRACER OPUS ® is a high-fidelity ultrasound optical positioning simulator. It is the perfect solution for the education and training of students, residents and experts of all levels.

Uses real high resolution 2D cases. It has an online Cloud, to download courses, normal and pathological, in a wide range of anatomical regions. It is an open platform that allows the user to create their own content using their own case library.

Thanks to its optical positioning scanning system, it allows 6 degrees of freedom of the hand making the practice a realistic experience. Simple and lightweight, VOLUTRACER OPUS ® is perfect for practicing everywhere, whether at home, classroom, workshops and more.

Everything that can be scanned can be trained in VOLUTRACER OPUS ®

It has the GPS system, an intelligent assistant that guides and corrects in real time the movements that the hand should make to reach an objective plane. In addition, it includes a Metrics system to evaluate the student’s learning curve and offers an automatic certification system, “Green Flag”, ideal for resident management.

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