Prof. Dr. Gustavo Malinger’s ISUOG 2022 Webinar

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Prof. Dr. Gustavo Malinger’s ISUOG 2022 Webinar

“Like in ‘Amor’ in the Time of Cholera, we were able to teach neurosonography in times of Covid.”

October 26, 2022

In his webinar for the ISUOG Congress 2022, Prof. Dr. Gustavo Malinger (Telaviv, Israel) shares his experience with teaching neurosonography in the time of Covid. Lecturing during the pandemic seemed an impossible task, especially in the ultrasound field, yet the professor was already acquainted with the OPUS System and knew he could use this solution to work around the new challenges. Together with Gustavo AbellaCEO at Medge Platforms Inc. (USA)—he sought to design an educational solution based on a previous masterclass: the 7th Neurosonography Masterclass (Online Edition).

Their main obstacles were that they had to send one OPUS simulator to each student one by one and that the students would have to make arrangements regarding their internet connection, but without further need for preparations and installations, the course was ready. In the first round, they used an OPUSLab 15—a pack of 15 OPUS simulators—to teach students from many countries including Australia, India, Italy, Spain, and many countries in South America. Each student performed the movements indicated by Profs. Gustavo Malinger and Mauricio Herrera on their simulator’s transducer.

The reactions of the participants were exceptionally good—they particularly enjoyed having the possibility to perform the movements one by one and to exercise on their own. Thus, the specialists organized a second masterclass which offered students the unique opportunity of reviewing very rare neurosonography cases and was, therefore, equally well received. Once the pandemic was over, Malinger traveled to India and repeated the experience, this time live with 24 participants. He romantically concludes that “Like in ‘Amor’ in the Time of Cholera, we were able to teach neurosonography in times of Covid.”

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