Prof. Dr. C.M. Katia Bilardo’s ISUOG 2022 Webinar

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Prof. Dr. C.M. Katia Bilardo’s ISUOG 2022 Webinar

“When it comes to ultrasound education, simulation is the future.”

October 24, 2022

In her webinar, broadcasted during the ISUOG Congress 2022, ISUOG Past President Prof. Dr. C.M. Katia Bilardo explains that when performing a 1st Trimester Ultrasound, the survey that will maximize results and capture possible fetal anomalies so early in the pregnancy is the transvaginal approach. The issue is that this approach is neither easy to teach nor easy to learn unless you can practice, another difficult task for the difficulty of finding pregnant women with the pathology one wishes to train soon enough. Yet, the Volutracer OPUS simulation technology has made it possible.

Based on her own experience, she recounts how OPUS Lab—a pack of OPUS simulators connected to the professor’s OPUS Maestro—allows students to practice vaginal scanning without any kind of limitation. They can learn in the classroom, take a module home to practice as much as they want, and co-monitor their progress together with their professor until they master each transvaginal technique. Thus, they can later approach the real patient with a high proficiency level.

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