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Volutracer OPUS ® simulation activities

2017: Volutracer OPUS ® Fetal Cardiac seminar at Fetal Cardiology Center of Congenital Heart Defects, Heart and Diabetes Center (NRW), Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. Conducted by Prof. Johannes Steinhard

2017: Volutracer OPUS ® simulation lab seminar at ISUOG 2017 at Weinn, Austria. Conducted by Prof. Roberto Romero (NIH, USA)

February 2017: IOTA ADNEX Visum congress in Leuven, Belgium

February 2017: ISUOG Gynecology seminar at Antenatal clinic of Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands

December 2017: Obstetric Ultrasound Foundation Course. Imperial College of London, UK, conducted by Prof. Christoph Lees (Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital) 

September 2018: Master Training. ISUOG in Dubai

October 2018: Prof. De Catte Congress in Leuven, Belgium

World Congress of FIGO 2018 – Obstetrical Simulation Course, conducted by Prof. Lami Yeo (Waynestate University)

Volutracer OPUS® at ISUOG 2019: Official ISUOG 2019 Workshops (Berlín)

Maternal fetal neonatal medicine
Maternal fetal neonatal medicine
Congreso Figo Río
Figo Rio Congress
Capacitación Volutracer
Volutracer Training
Capacitación Volutracer
Volutracer Training
Presentacion Volutracer
Volutracer Presentation
Eventos Volutracer OPUS
Volutracer OPUS Events
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ISUOG 2019 Berlin Events
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