Opus Academic Bundle 2022. Innovative Tools for Intensive Ultrasound Practice

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O.P.U.S. Academic Bundle 2022. Innovative Tools for Intensive Ultrasound Practice.

The new ten-step 'OAB' challenges coupled with the possibility of simultaneous practice by large groups of students are the new standard in ultrasound education.

O.P.U.S. Academic Bundle 2022 (OAB). This year, a set of educational packages are offered for intensive ultrasound practice training This free courses are aimed at users of Volutracer O.P.U.S. simulator. They include activity modules in gaming format (called “10-Strike Challenge”) that present increasing level of difficulty, achieving enthusiasm and committing of the student, with a positive impact on the acquisition of skills and hand-eye coordination improvement.

The new OAB packages with challenges are based on real cases that the student must scan. As the objective planes are bieng achieved, the fetus will change its position and presentation consequently increasing the scanning difficulty.

.Students perform OAB at any available time.

New O.P.U.S. Lab 2022

It is the next standard for education of large number of students. O.P.U.S.Lab was carefully designed in collaboration with prestigious universities and international medical societies. With this technology, each one of the students performs the transabdominal, transvaginal or transrectal ultrasound scan, being carefully monitored in each movement executed.

Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

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