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Welcome to the Next Generation in Ultrasound Simulation at ISUOG 2019

Volutracer OPUS® at ISUOG 2019

Volutracer OPUS®, the disruptive scalable ultrasound education system will launch its new ground breaking version during the ISUOG 2019 world congress in Berlin.

Visit Volutracer OPUS® booth #23 and #22 and join OPUSlab, to experience the training power of Volutracer OPUS®, the perfect solution for individual and massive practices.

Official ISUOG 2019 Workshops (Berlin)

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We are proud to have been summoned by ISUOG to develop and present our exclusive course “Approach 20 + 2”, following the guidelines of the ISUOG Basic Training.

The official presentation will be during the “Basic Training with Simulation” Workshop, on Sunday 13th October, from 8 am. to 1 pm.

We have also been summoned to support our systems and pathological cases during the “Fetal Heart” Workshop, on Tuesday 15th October, from 8 am. to 12 pm.

We invite everyone to register and participate in these exciting experiences.

Volutracer OPUS® is much more than an ultrasound simulator.
It’s an expert method to learn by doing and not just looking, with no time limit.
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Features and benefits

  • – Simulation by exclusive optical system
    – Convex and Transvaginal Transducer
    – 6 degrees of freedom of the hand
    – Real cases, not simulated
    – Learning curve tracking with Metrics and Statistics
    – High resolution simulation in real time
    – GPS assistant
    – Green Flag method of self-assessment and automatic certification
    – Courses available in the online Cloud
    – Open platform for the creation of customized courses
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