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VOLUTRACER OPUS ® has two practice modalities:

-Raw cases for free navigation, following the preferred international guide, or to be used by teachers during classes as patient replacement. There are normal and pathological cases, from different anatomical regions.

– Pre-programmed Courses inside VOLUTRACER OPUS ®, that use raw cases plus pre-programmed Views, Activity Modules, GPS, Metrics, Statistics, Movies and contextual theory images, Movies with the teacher making comments, Power Point slides, Auto-evaluation and Automatic Certification“Green Flag”.

The courses are perfect for self-learning.

Through the software you can access the online Cloud, where you will find the list of all the Cases and Courses available for download. Our content library covers a wide range of anatomical regions, normal and pathological cases, and specialties.

Likewise, through the Cloud, the learning curve of each user can be monitored, allowing remote education and evaluation. The hardware pieces included are: Hard case, Logitech C920 webcam, scanning pad, convex transducer, endocavitary transducer, anatomical reference cards, Virtuagel and USB dongle.

Uses real high resolution 2D cases. It has an online Cloud, to download courses, normal and pathological, in a wide range of anatomical regions. It is an open platform that allows the user to create their own content using their own case library.

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