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Volutracer OPUS ® is the perfect solution for ultrasound operator training centers.

It allows the practice of real cases, both normal and pathological, without the need to occupy an office, an ultrasound scanner or disturb a patient.

Another benefit is that many users can practice the same volume simultaneously.

The self-learning mode allows training, evaluation and certification automatically, without the need for the presence of a real teacher, allowing the user to accelerate their learning curve in a context of privacy and control.

usos de software opus
usos de software opus

–  Classroom

This mode of use is aimed at institutions such as ultrasound schools and universities that wish to offer theoretical-practical classes with a simulator. In this way the teacher can give a theoretical class, relying on VOLUTRACER OPUS ® to navigate the cases cited and the students can follow it, each with their simulation station. Thus, a very effective approach to classroom education is achieved.


This mode is designed for those users who want to practice and evaluate themselves anywhere and at any time.

In practice, VOLUTRACER OPUS ® has the ability to remember how far the user went, to continue from that point.

In addition, in the online Cloud you can find an extensive Library of Cases of different anatomical regions to practice following the guides of the Society of preference.

This mode is also ideal for training and certifying groups of hospital residents to ensure they have the necessary competencies before facing a real patient.

Remote education:

Users can take the VOLUTRACER OPUS ® briefcase and install the software on their own laptop to practice, learn and undergo evaluation from their own home, through the online Cloud.

Meanwhile, the teacher can monitor each movement made in each view and obtain the Metrics and Statistics of each user.

Likewise, through the Green Flag method, each user can perform an evaluation, previously defined by the institution and the result will automatically reach the teacher, along with a detailed performance report.

Theoretical-practical webinars:

Teachers and student users of VOLUTRACER OPUS ® can dictate and receive on-line seminars not only with theoretical slides, but also being able to carry out practices, performance monitoring, evaluations and certifications, in real time, without even leaving their own home.


VOLUTRACER OPUS ® is excellent for displaying a case on a large screen. This is due to its ability to easily incorporate raw cases.

Presentacion Volutracer
 Athenaeums: Workshops (Hands On)::

VOLUTRACER OPUS ® is a very easy technology to transport and assemble in an academic event. For this reason it is an excellent solution to carry out simultaneous massive practices and certification sessions.

All these modes of use can include Raw Cases from the Cloud, Own Cases, Modulated Cloud Courses, elaboration of own Courses and exclusive functions such as creation of Activity Modules, GPS, Metrics, Statistics, Measurements with calipers and automatic certification “Green Flag ”, among many others. VOLUTRACER OPUS ® has an Academic Committee for the development of customized Courses, adapted to the specific study program of each institution that is a user of VOLUTRACER OPUS ®.

OPUSLAB – Simulation Laboratory

For institutions such as ultrasound schools, institutes and universities, the perfect model for the implementation of Volutracer OPUS ® is the OPUSLAB 5, 10, 20 and 50, that is, to set up a permanent simulation laboratory in a physical space specifically designated for that purpose. . The objective is that students can sit down to practice as long as they want, entering their Username. In this way, the learning curve is significantly accelerated.

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